Gary Dufresne - Bass & Backing Vocals

Gary Dufresne was born in the cold February winter of 1970 and raised in East Hartford, CT. His parents, hard working, fun loving French-Canadians who met in Toronto, Ontario, married and eventually moved to the United States of America as citizens.

Gary is the younger of their two sons and his love of music started early in the home. His mother sang along with the radio or to his father's recordings on reel to reel tape and console stereo. His father played an instrument called the “Mouth Organ” more commonly known as the harmonica. Gary is the youngest grandson in a generation of family musicians who gathered on weekends and holidays, singing songs in French and English and playing guitars. His biggest influence in music came from his older brother, Dan, who gave him his first, second and third hand me down stereos along with an endless supply of records, 8-track and cassette tapes.

Gary first laid eyes on his future wife, Laura, when he was sixteen, at a roller skating rink, he spent the majority of his teenage years at. (Sorry ladies, he's still hopelessly in love and happily married.) Gary has two beautiful daughter's, Messina and Monet who keep him busy, but “let Daddy play with the band, cause he's so cool.”

Gary is a “Schlub” happy playing electric and upright bass as a LugNauT in the basement, on stage, at a public square or in a farmer's field. He looks forward to meeting you at gigs and he gets geeked out when talking about music, bands and gear.

Gary's Mount Rushmore Musicians - Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Band.