Dan Dufresne & Lead Vocals & Guitar

Dan Dufresne is a “Jack-of-all-Trades… master of none” kind of guy.  Dan is a designer by trade, a father and husband to the love of his life, Laurie.  Dan designed and built the home he lives in with his family.  He’s also designed additions and homes for others.  Dan has worked as a contractor for many companies designing everything from air pumping stations, medical equipment and power systems.  He's worked on design projects for very large scale mechanical assemblies to very small, almost microscopic heart pace-making devices.  Dan has also had a life-long love affair with making and recording music.  Dan is veteran of many long forgotten original bands that went nowhere fast.  He’s never been into music for the glory, he’s in it because it’s something he enjoys doing.  Dan’s songs are mostly about his life experiences, dreams or just out of his imagination. 

Dan’s parents are French Canadian immigrants, His mom from New Brunswick and his dad from Quebec.  The music and tradition of these cultures resonates in Dan’s music.  Dan’s earliest memories are filled with visions of house parties where the family would gather and make their own music.  There was always joy and laughter at these events and though some of the players from that time have passed on, the tradition and music continues to this day. 

Dan met Gino in the late 1980’s when Gino began dating Dan’s sister-in-law.  Dan and Gino would often play and record together for fun.  Dan recorded a solo CD for Gino called, ”Ancient Fields and City Streets”.  It’s only been within the past few years, that they decided to take things more seriously when they put together the band, LugNauT with some local friends and family.  

Dan is also an artist who designed the covers for all three of the CD’s which LugNauT has released.

Dan's influences include: Family and Friends, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Van Morrison and Daniel Lanois.