LugNauT is an original band based in Coventry Connecticut where our style crosses over many genre lines that include rock, blues, R & B, folk, country, gospel, rap, and pop.  There is a little bit of something in every song for every person who listens regardless of one’s musical tastes.  Our six piece band features Dan Dufresne on rhythm guitar and vocals, Gino LoRicco on banjo and vocals, Gary Dufresne on bass and vocals, John Bates on lead guitar, Kurt Martin on keys and Randy Becker on Drums.  If your musical space is too small for a band we could come to you as a four piece, a trio, a duo or even a solo act.

We would like book a date at your restaurant/club in the near future.  Because we are local we could also fill in when you folks get a cancellation.  We could play on short notice or could open up for other groups.  We feel that our songs, now polished, need to get out to a larger listening audience. 

Our music is regularly played by DJ “Johnny Timewarp” and others on the UConn radio station WHUS.  Currently we have recorded three CD’s of original Americana songs, Liftoff 2013, Swamp Gas Aviator 2015, Greetings from Mars 2017.  We are currently working on a fourth CD, a blues album, titled “Your Heavy Burden”.  In addition to doing our original music we do cover classic rock, folk, blues and country tunes if your customers prefer. 

Below please find a description of what someone once wrote about our band.   

“It’s the simple things in life that make it worth living, and these are the very things the group LugNauT write and sing about in their truly Americana way.

With this experienced and truly eclectic group of musicians, LugNauT competently blends the traditional sounds of the banjo, piano and acoustic guitar with the electric guitar, bass and drums, integrating them with smooth yet complex rhythms.  Warm three-part harmonies accompany the songs and choruses of this unique group.

The strength of the group comes from its superb and thoughtful songwriting and the varied backgrounds of the men that make up this six member ensemble.  It appears to be LugNauT’s mission is to create, perform, and record songs for the people, songs that are American allegories. These songs tell stories of characters, places, and events from the past, present and the future. They call this new musical form ‘Alegoricana!’  As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, ‘Poetry must be as new as the foam and as old as the rocks.’ and in this vein LugNaut is poetic because their songs speak to today but have a familiar feel and connection to yesterday.”  

Please visit our website at www.lugnaut.com or on connect with us on Facebook.  Feel free to contact me (Gino LoRicco) on my cell phone at 860-377-6894 if you have any questions or would like us to perform at your great establishment even on the shortest of notice!   Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter and to listen to our CDs.   Thanks, Gino


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