Gino LoRicco - Lead Vocals & Banjo

I can't help but think about how thankful I am that I was born into a family of people who valued music, art, and storytelling as ways to look at, describe, interpret and enjoy the world we live in.  My musical memories include: hearing my dad play Beethoven on the piano or a polka or an Italian street song on his accordion, listening to the old time songs and stories of uncle Abe, singing gospel music in a folk group in church with my mom and siblings, listening to the songs of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Lee Hayes, Pete Seeger, the Carter family, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan in my elementary school's general music class, hearing brother Phil playing Chuck Berry leads on his telecaster, writing and playing music with the Miller's River Band and experiencing the songs and music produced by the fine musicians who frequented the Warwick Inn in the late 80s and 90s,Tom Jordan, Ann and Terry Reed, Bob Doucet, Lester Scaffidi, Doug Tanner, Jay Closser, Sam and Matt Hickler, Ron DeHart, playing and recording music with Dan Dufresne, Duke York and Gary Nass, and most recently making music with LugNauT having all profoundly shaped me as a person.  To me the world continues to be an enchanted place to live and play in because of the impact of my musical experiences with my family and friends. In my opinion, cyberspace pales in comparison to to the brilliant world of music, art and nature. I am truly grateful for these musical memories.

I married the love of my life Marcia Manning in 1989 after we met as beginning teachers in Massachusetts. We have raised eight children and have two grandchildren. 
After teaching for 14 years I became a principal and then started a new high school school in eastern Connecticut.  I guess you could say I like helping people. 
Recently I've become very interested in digital photography and have even won a photography contest. I really enjoy this hobby and writing songs especially with Dan.
Thanks for listening, Gino